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Ladies, Gentlemen...and all of you in between:
Life is constant change.
This front page is to welcome you to a website that started as the chevron of a unique place of business I had
in downtown Louisville, Ky.
We were there for six weird and wonderful years.
It certainly wasn't the biggest or top venue in town, but certainly was different.

I miss it so do a lot of other folks.
But, life goes on and we morph and change.

That is life.

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Other main topics on this site are:

BORDER PATROL...always a few opinions there, from a slightly different perspective from the one and only IGNO'RES BOUNDARI'ES...

My own two cents worth with SUMMIE SEZ...

A look at my cousin Hope, who was a movie and stage actress in the middle of the last century with

Some cooking ideas from yours truly and anyone else who might want to contribute recipes...

And a few other links which might be of interest...or maybe not! YOU be the judge.

Any which way, feel free to send me some feedback on any of it.


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See ya over coffee,


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