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The year was 1970!
Over Forty Years ago!
The message imparted was a sincere plea for humans to awaken as to how we had been, for years, slowly destroying our world around us.
The message is, of course, even more important today, because we STILL have not stopped the insanity.
Yeah, we have made some improvements but in forty years, a lot has STILL not changed.
But we will keep trying.
And we ALL need to keep pushing business, legislators and ourselves to the necessaary end.

Following is what is printed inside of a 1970 12inch vinyl album cover from John Mayall, a British Blues musician. His music has always been fine. Look him up for more than what you should be hearing right now.

Pollution statistics mentioned below are "a bit off" from what they are today, of course, but the gist of the message is still applicable.

Also about forty or so years ago, a group called Iron Butterfly was quite popular. Even among my contemporaries from that time, few folks remember anything from the band other than the Rock Classic "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".
After a few albums, the group took on two more members, Mike Pinera and El Rhino, for the new release, "Metamorphosis".
On that album was a song called "Slower Than Guns".
It said a lot, even though most fans paid it little lasting, indelible attention:



Can you feel the man made mist
As it starts to twist your lungs?
Slower than guns

Breathe deep
As you enter sleep
Feel secure it's all around you

Can you see the golden brown
As it circles round your town
Town coming down

Smokin' stacks on industry's backs
In this land of a cigarette pack
Feel secure there, all around you

Miles and miles of gasoline fumes
In the air like transparent tombs
Feel secure they're all around you

DDT making bugs relax
They're in your food like poison tacks
How about that?

Eat well they're all within you
Town coming down

lyrics by Robert Woods Edmonson


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