This page was set up when I had a slot on a local start-up internet station.
Management's head was in an un-natural place, so they lost
several talented people who have a lot of knowledge.
I was one of them.
I am working toward starting up a live feed of my own,
with some other very talented friends.
Stay Tuned
If your speakers are on, you should be hearing Save The World from Ellen McIllwaine

Vinyl Approach 2.0

A Tracking of a Groovy Kind of Round Sound

"I Break Sound Barriers"

Why tune in to Vinyl Approach 2.0?

Because a Romantic, Loving, Human Being with a beating heart will be spinning round pieces of black plastic to re-create the music. That piece of plastic has physical squiggles which re-create the sound.
This will be happening in real time, going out over the internet, all over the WORLD!
This person will be remembering emotions, elations, fascinations, appreciations, etc. related to his...or her experiences and the music that is being played.
If you can appreciate
the intangible that fulfills the artistic heart,
tune in.
Close your eyes and know that it is from analog.

Digital Merely Imitates

I have in excess of 5,000 grooved discs in my collection.
I believe that it is immoral to have that many records
unless you are actively playing them for the public to hear.
That is why I force feed my Vinyl Vibes into the soundboard
and squeeze them out the internet nozzle and,
ideally, into your speakers.
Chances are that you will not hear me play the same item more than once
... unless I have the hots for it.
There is so much music to play and so little time.
There are a few genres of music which I am unlikely to EVER play.
I won't get into specifying which genres those are because
I don't want to hurt the feelings of those fine people
who DO like whiny country music and rap / hiphop. (ahem)

I have been known to do some live readings.
I may even have a guest in the studio.
Regardless of the main concept of my show, ya never know,
I might even have a terpsichorean in for a bit of interpretive dance...might be fun for radio;
I'd probably have to sit there and do a play-by-play description.

I always keep an immaculate playing surface and a clean stylus.
( see below for how to do that with your own equipment )

I am hoping to soon find a way to offer downloadable...or at least streamable...versions
of the show for at least a week after each show.
Being an old and stodgy bitch, I believe strongly in the romance of things such as live radio...
...You know, REAL-time, live radio...the kind where when I speak, it goes out right THEN, all over the network.
Being on the net as opposed to running through the airwaves,
the logical move should be to do the, well, logical thing;
"podcasts" of some sort.
I will keep ya posted.

( This page might be changed regularly. Refresh the page while holding down "shift" to make sure that the info is current )


If YOU have a need for a turntable or repairs of same, you can try
Magnetic Tape Recorder Inc.
601 Baxter Ave Louisville, KY 40204 (502) 587-1848
Charlie, James and the rest of the Crack Crew there can set you up with pretty much anything in the audio / electronics realm.
If they don't have it they can direct you.


When I think of all of the pleasurable moments I have ever had,
I'd have to say that the BEST one... the NEXT one.


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