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An Introduction from Sumshee
(Late summer, 2007)

Two Years ago...almost...I noticed a customer at my little nightspot I had downtown, "Sumshee's". He never talked much...about anything. He wasn't there a lot but he just seemed to delight in being there at Sumshee's. He grinned ear to ear most of the time he was there. He stayed close to the perimeter at all times, coming in whenever he could afford the night out...maybe once every two months.
I had spoken to him a few times, trying to bring him out a bit more. He was always very pleasant and appreciative. He was rather new in town and, although born in Mexico, had lived in L.A., Buffalo, Detroit, Omaha, Miami and Phoenix...and Berlin. Yes, the Germany Berlin, for about six months.
I DID ask him once if he was gay...Hey!, that was the majority of the patronage. He said, "No, but I HAVE thought that I SHOULD be, as much as I love to come here.". But he furthered that he wasn't really attracted to guys...he just liked the freedom that seemed to be prevalant in that crowd. One of the attractions , to him, was the fact that, along with the gay crowd and it's removal from every day experience in his daily life, a gathering of another group to Sumshee's was what pulled him in.
The Goth crowd.
He likened that group to the Hippies and the Beat Generation...the fringe and exploratory.
He is of North American Native blood lineage but his ancestors always lived in Mexico as far back as he knew.

Seor Boundari'es came here in his early twenties, hungry to understand why we are as we are in America.
Igno'res has had a BUNCH of experiences in life...some quite learning, as he will, no doubt, prove to you.

My familiarity with him has grown quickly, lately. Since the closing of Sumshee's ...which devastated him...we have been seeing a lot of each other...and lot's of emails.
His opinions and observations are interesting...sometimes extremely bold... many of which I can understand and with which I am empathetic. He knows that I am sometimes, myself, very impatient with our lack of real and logical progress in these United States.
He has tried repeatedly to convey concerns and perspectives to me from his outsiders point of reference.
I, therefore, asked him to contribute to my forum to any of you who come here.

Understand please, he is not always diplomatic, although he strives to be, at least, polite and patient...albeit a bit graphic in his language sometimes.
Hang on to your seat and prepare for...

( Number Five )
(November 4th, 2009)
by Ignores Boundaries

(Previous installments, working backward, follow this one)
(In other words, to read them in the order written, go to the bottom one and work your way back up...duh)

Hola, Fellow Bambinos!
It has been a long time! Sumshee had been trying to get in touch with me for quite a while but to no avail, since ...well, I was out of touch. In some ways, I was out of touch with everything, including reality. I was up in the Upper Mid-West...can't say where, I promised.
A long-time acquaintance has been after me for a few years to run off to the unspoiled areas...the deep backwoods, to rally humankind for the upcoming fall of society. He is a devoted "survivalist". He and his group are certain that one will soon need to live dis-connected from the rest of the world, armed with all kinds of weapons, munitions, independent energy sources and lots of dried/canned food. This will be necessary to merely EXIST, because everyone else will be foraging, ravaging and pillaging from each other in what we call civilization, when society crumbles.
This is going to happen any time, now. It has been going to happen any time now, for a big bunch of years. So far it has NOT happened, but just you IS coming.

Anyway, my girl-friend, Wanda Freeley was wanting to go back to school to study medieval history and banking. This was to take at least eighteen months, so I headed north.
These people have an interesting way to indoctrinate a newcomer. My guide, a nineteen year old hippie girl known only as "Bitter", who looked like a cross between a young Dolly Parton and Mel Gibson, explained that they felt that it was good to start out with a goal-setter...a bang. They want you to have a shock right off the bat. Since everyone will be carrying weapons and using them daily to fend off pillagers and Feds, we went to The Range: a five-hundred yard long tract of land in front of a big hill.
On either side, there were buildings and free-standing walls and old shot-up vehicles of all kinds. These were for crouchin' and hidin' during paintball sessions. They don't used real guns and ammo for their "duck, cover and dodge" training. They figure that everyone needs to be able to run and dart and lay low and peek around things to learn the reality of "kill or be killed".
Way out about 200 yards, was a row of about twenty white milk jugs filled with water; ten to the left, ten to the right. I could hardly see them. "Bitter" handed me an AR-15, just like Sumshee has, except this one is a 9mm, not a .223. I WAS fascinated when Sumshee showed me hers...looked all swat-team and all.
But she never took me to the range to try it out.
Now was the time.
It was really nifty, hearing that CRAK of each trigger pull. The only problem was that none of the milk jugs were dying. I was even shooting from the stability of a solid bench...solid as a rock. I figured I was shooting blanks. I wasn't. I went through a whole thirty-round magazine plus some, before I finally saw one explode. Neat!
"Bitter" sighted in and dropped them one through ten, firing twelve shots. Pretty damned good, she was.
Then, she turned my attention to a line of three plywood panels, each four foot square, about twenty yards away. She shoved in a new magazine and said, "Now, we flip this little thing on the side...".
From the hip, mind you, she broke the morning"s silence again with a trigger-pull and pulse of energy that did NOT take long....full-auto. Shards of wood flew everywhere, as she cut a horizontal line through one of the boards; the top half fell away. I was stimulated.
She handed the AR to me and I looked at her, questioning her sanity. "ME?!"
Another mag in, good-to-go.
"You might want to hold the device down a bit when ya trigger it...tends to want to rise up a bit."
A deep breath and figuring that the weapon was pointing, pretty much at the next board, I triggered and held down ...a bit too much.
I made a nifty little furrow in the dirt.

"OK, this time, put it on single shot, fer one shot. Lock yer forward arm, straight down to the front of the weapon. Aim as best as ya can figure and remember where the butt of the weapon lays on yer hip. Take one shot, and adjust the height of the butt if necessary. If ya hit it, remember that position on yer hip. Throw it to auto and cut loose again. As ya start firing, move it SLIGHTLY as ya fire, to remove more than just one area."

Two singles and I was locked-on. Full auto, here I am!
Twenty-eight rounds in no time at all... removing a center of that board completely....then silence.
I grabbed my groin as I turned to "Bitter".
"oooooh...Can I do that some more?...Oh YEAH!...What a rush!".

"There'll be more of that over the next few months. Let's go do some boring stuff, now."

The next seven months consisted of learning a shit-load of stuff every day; Some stuff, I already knew...I'm no dummy. I have lived isolated in the desert and the foothills of The Rockies several times. I know how to survive, but there is always more to learn. And what you need to survive in The Rockies is different than The Smokies, the plains and, of course, a burnt-out and deserted town somewhere in Urban America. There will be plenty of them...just you wait.
We had studies in electronics, economics, politics, farming, chemistry, carpentry, philosophy...lots of stuff to learn to prepare for the fall of mankind.
And everyone had a voice, even if it was in dissent to their operation. I DID voice that I doubted that the future was as bleak as they were expecting; that the powers-that-be are not about to let everything fall apart. If they did, where's the obscene profit in that? Slow change for their benefit, constantly tailoring their control of the populace was where it's at.
We had many debates. We all learned much. And everything was democratic. I rather liked it. But, ultimately, the overall scene wasn't for me permanently. The underlying and consistent doomsday theme was too much for me to accept. I just don't buy it. But I left having made lifetime friends, with respect and love abounding. Diversity was one of the most appreciated lines of thought there. "Everyone is different and everyone is, at least for himself, pretty much right."
So I headed back to doomed society.

I went first to El Paso. I checked in with some of my past "lifers" , then to NYC for a week... and to Louisville.
And what did I find?
I found that the stadium is well under way. The last I heard of that, the city was having public meeting after public meeting as to the feasilbilty of the project and the cost...was it even possible?... the projections as to whether it would draw enough of a crowd to be an economic reality.
AND they were doing all of this shit while setting the foundation. What a fukking joke. And the people of this town were actually raising their eyebrows and nodding and shaking their heads and pondering as to which way it would go...what the final decision would be...all while the foundation was being readied and placed, after the land was bought and zoned and....
Did not the people in this town see that they were the joke here?
Give me a break!

Another thing that raised MY eyebrows, was in tuning in to the local public radio station. They still had a lot of the same stuff going on:

1) In between his trips to Indianapolis and Cinci, The Mayor was still coming on to State Of Affairs regularly to re-inforce how much of a World Class City Louisville is. The driving forces in this town think that they can run up and down that fabricated jungle of contrived entertainment venues called Fourth Street Live, holding their victory-sign-fingers in the air, shouting, "WORLD CLASS ...WORLD CLASS!" and it will BE so.
Maybe they think that Louisville is "World Class" because the city granted large amounts of money to some out-of-town people to tell them what they should do with their downtown area. Maybe, having a bunch of chain-type venues would make it World Class. Maybe telling potential patrons that they had to wear certain types of clothes to walk the streets of Fourth Street Live to spend their money made Louisville a World Class City.
It sure does seem to me that some folks are not suitable enough to please the City Daddies, so they found a dress code to ward them off.
World Class! That is a title that the rest of the world bestows upon a city after it is earned. Oh Well...

2) Also, what the hell were they thinking at WFPL when they got rid of one of the two hours of Bob Edwards on Saturday afternoon ...and bring on Rick Steves talking about travel. The highly intelligent Bob Edwards Weekend was apparently too much thinking for the changing demographic. Have you listeners become less intelligent?...ya can't handle two hours of brain-work?...ya have to listen to some TV guy describe what someplace looks like? Shows like that are travelogues. They are pretty damn nice on TV. But to dump hometown-boy, Bob Edwards, for that?...

3) And then they go and drop one of the delights of the weekdays that had been on for years:
Talk Of The Nation
Not only is TOTN a fantastic show, but it was a live, call-in show. I had been on myself. Ya listen, get involved in the topic, call in. I wasn't on but twice...kinda hard to get on to a national show like that, but I DID get on. It was a LIVE show, folks...aired LIVE!.
And what do they replace it with?! On Point from Boston.
Admittedly, it is a good show, a damn good show. A call-in show....
...not on at TWO in the afternoon, when they air it here!!! What the hell are they thinking? GEEZ! (I think maybe they are having Abramson on the station a little too much)
WFPL's Todd Mundt is quoted as saying, "Well, you can STILL go to the web and listen to TOTN live or as a podcast."
GREAT thinking, Todd! Remove a regular and (I am sure) popular show and tell the listeners to turn off the radio and go on the web.
What the hell do we need WFPL for if they are telling us to turn them off and sit down at our computers?

In SOME defense of that station, they air an INCREDIBLE several shows, just a few of which are On The Media, This American Life, Radio Lab and Studio 360.
ANY of you reading this should check those shows out. Get into them. Listen to them regularly. You will probably get hooked on them.
But, ya know, once you do, simply scrap listening over WFPL and just go listen whenever you want to, on your computer. You can do that. Todd sez so.
So, why would you, then, feel compelled to give at fundraiser time? Save yourself some bread. Put that money toward your internet connection. I think Todd would understand.
But I'm just a complaining old fool....who USED TO give regularly to public radio...and USED TO encourage others to do the same. Now, we mostly talk about internet connections and such instead.

I have noticed that there is a lot of parking available on weekdays, on Bardstown Rd. That is really convenient...not a lot of traffic.
But now I can more easily run over there and wander around and look in the windows of the empty shops.

There was a protest about a week ago down at the Humana Building, Sumshee told me. There were ten or less people who demanded....something...that the company MUST start directing more quality of health care for the people at a better price... or something like that. The company listened to their demands and when the protestors said that they were NOT leaving, the company said,
"OK...but if you leave, you can't come back in.".
I understand that they bought them a bunch of donuts or something and let them snuggle down in their sleeping bags. That night, there was a sign posted for the next day that entrance to the building was limited only to employees. That's that. No arrests and hauling away of the masses to jail.
Somehow, I don't have much expectation for "the company" to give in to demands that they lower their profits. Why would they or should they?
The only way to change all of that is to get on the asses of the folks who make the laws which govern...those laws which can FORCE big business to change it's evil ways.
But, the protestors got some free donuts.

I wonder what's going on back up at "Camp Doomsday" ?


( Number Four )
(November 1st, 2008)
by Ignores Boundaries

(Previous installments, working backward, follow this one)
(In other words, to read them in the order written, go to the bottom one and work your way back up...duh)

Hola, Fellow Babies!
Sumshee has been hounding me to say something about this upcoming election.
Personally, I treat the great American Election Show as I treat Christmas and, when I am in Louisville, KY, how I treat Derby: I try to stay the hell away from it. I have been to two Derbies in Louisville. I leave town for Pony Day. All that it is, is a traffic jam.
Christmas is a pain in the posterior. I usually go somewhere where I don�t know anyone or they don�t celebrate the season. One year, I hung out with some Jews up in Albany, New York for about a month. I THOUGHT that that would insulate me. But, just like that old joke, they were all hoopla about the season �cause they were happy to be emptying their warehouses of all the shit that the gentiles were sucking up. Talk about partying in the name of Christ!

But, the election:
I�ve been layin� low down near El Paso since about August. I�ve been playing the Meet �n Greet game, working with the Mexican OverGround Railroad. Things are still pretty �suck-o� south of the border, but I�ve been telling as many as I can to high-tail it back home. After the Chickens of Financial America were turned over to the Fiscal Foxes, they would stand a better chance dealing with the Mexican Police and the DrugLords. At Least THERE, they might find SOME compassionate hearts... and THERE, you at least know who you�re dealing with and on what terms.
The way things have worked out, I keep having these visions of a continuous line of people being federally required to do all their shitting in over-priced pay toilets, only to come out and be required to buy a bag of their own shit, with a long-term, adjustable rate, financing arrangement. What the hell are the American people buying? And how can our reps sleep at night?... either from the screwing that they are knowingly setting up ...or because of their level of stupidity and ignorance and gullibility as to what is going down. Aren�t they supposed to be in DC to do what�s best for their constituents?

Ah, but The Election:
There are some REALLY GOOD candidates running this year.
Unfortunately, no one is hearing anything FROM them.
THIS is Democracy?
Well, it is to the blindered.

As for the real world according to your masters:
My personal opinion is that gObama is going to win. DUH!
SHOULD he? Compared too McCain...or as Sumshee calls him, McPalin....yes.
McCain is a pitifully programmed clone of yesterdays antics. I am sure that he has many good qualities. I can�t think of any right now, but I have yet to sit down and have a beer with him. I�m sure that there would be SOMEthing about him that I would like. I would LOVE his lifestyle: too many homes to recall how many, plenty of money, lotsa travel paid for by a lot of gullible, deaf, blind and worshipping fans.
I can�t say much for his choice of running mates...IF he actually chose her. I doubt that he did. I lean toward thinking that Sarah was appointed by �whoever-the-fuk-really-runs-things�, to be his running mate.
I figure that this was done for one of several reasons:

1) Either elections are a big charade and this is just a bizarre and sadly hilarious scenario in a part of this prime-time, Hollywood extravaganza.

2)...or those in charge actually thought that she might spark the party enough to actually move McCain ahead, given the novelty of her ...uh, �charm�, we will call it, and her youth.

3)...or, with her obvious lack of substance, she would be a PERFECT puppet for �the powers�. At this point, John McCain, the man...the human, the living creature, might want to start getting concerned...worried.
McCain�s sudden and unfortunate demise...if it would just HAPPEN to occur, would do wonders for the puppet and it�s Masters-in-the-wings. That dingbat would suddenly be your freakin� President! Just the POSSIBILTY...the REMOTE possibility of that happening, SHOULD be enough to send an intelligent and concerned...and un-dead person... into gObama�s Camp.
I AM an American citizen, folks! But I have an easy path to several different geographic locations. I can just pick up and go and be home, just as much as here. I am here because this is STILL the most wonderful place to be. And the CONCEPT of our nation is as good as can be had on this planet. I LOVE our nation. But to have it undermined as openly as it HAS BEEN lately and WOULD BE under those circumstances would remove the stars from the stripes.
Sumshee has a copy of The Bill Of Rights hanging in her home. It is from the late forties or fifties. It has a glorious picture of Dad and Mom and Son and Daughter...the Stars And Stripes...
It even has printed on the bottom, �Courtesy of The Doughnut Corp. of America�. Now, how damned American is THAT? She has it hanging in the shitter, so that during a �daily constitutional�, one can read and re-read it.
THAT is Patriotism.

Would things be better with gObama? Well, things would NOT be better with continued Republican rule, in MY very watchful opinion.
And I realize there ARE lots of good reasons to question the Democrats. I am sure that there a bunch of hidden agendas up the sleeves of many in THAT camp, whether or not gObama is party to it. And I hear fully that a lot of high-integrity folks say that they have to vote for a party alternate to the two vote their hearts...but when I am SO opposed to ONE of the scoundrels and that third party has NO chance of winning... and voting FOR that alternate party MIGHT throw the election TO that less trusted scoundrel...
Well, so far, I have not heard anyone explain sufficiently why voting third would make sense.

So vote your heart, whatever that might be. I would be willing to fight to my death for your right to vote for who you like. But PLEASE, go on the web and listen closely to the various clips of both McCain and Palin. Closely. ESPECIALLY Palin.
...and think Presidency.


( Number Three )
(Late March 2008)
by Ignores Boundaries

(Previous installments, working backward, follow this one)

I heard from Ignores last week. He�s been hanging out in El Paso again...says he has some family down there.
Curious as to how he feels about the pre-pre-election circumstances, I asked as to who he thought was going to win here and there and why.
Yes, Ignores had something to say.


March, 2008

I never should have started that crazy bitch going on the political thing. Sumshee kept going on about how shit has likely been rigged and fixed for years with the elections...but just in case, she's pulling for Obama.
And she talked me into enough of a frenzy to send in some viewpoints.
Actually, we think a lot along the same lines, in many ways: We both think that we should dump the current CEO and board...and hire another, even though the current group has already cashed in their lucrative stock options in spite of all the losses to the company store during their time in charge.
That's the American Way.

The whole concept about elections being rigged is not a new idea. And it's not really all that far-fetched of an idea.
If you folks don't cut the fuk out of this idea of electronic voting, I think that you CAN assume that all elections will be pre-determined.
Folks, I happen to BE an American citizen.
I am being as vocal as possible about it. I DO let my reps know how I feel about it.
If the populace lets electronic voting stroll right past them and become installed, then it means that ANYthing can maybe being led into decimating the crap out of a whole country, going in there armed with a lot of bullets, bombs and of a bunch of fabricated "facts"...
Oh, yeah...that's been done.
It's amazing how many folks are still not seeing through that whole charade.

So...will the situation change when Barack Obama moves into The Black&White House?
Will he really go in the implied directions of his speak?
Does he HAVE that latitude?
I surely hope so.
And it is sounding as though the swing is heading in his direction.
I was listening to NPR the other day....I KNOW, it's been getting lame on NPR lately...but there ARE some good moments at times. They haven't spun ALL the way down the drain yet....
ANYway, on this live call-in show, some broad was citing a situation where she was in some conversation with ...well, a kinda cracker/redneck sorta guy...and they were talking election/politics on SOME level.
She was floored with something he laid on her.
Now, she "cleaned it up" for the radio. By that, I mean that she pranced around all NPR-like and politically correct and all and stated how "...he actually said THE know...the N-word....I won't say it here...."

So, the guy she was talking to forgot Obama's name at the moment and said, "What's that guys name?...that nigger?.........Well, THAT'S who I'M votin' for!"

She was floored. She was expecting derogatory and denigrating remarks....based on his labeling system.
But, just because he was a bit rustic in the labeling of the cake, that didn't mean that he was forgetting the importance of the ingredients.

And as for his Pastor's comments, I think Obama was a genius in his response. He tugged on MY vote immediately. With tactics like that, Obama will be either impeccable in moving our country in a new and better direction or he will, at least, fuck us with a new flair, refreshing in it's difference.
I will be hoping for ...and kind of expecting the former option.
I sure hope he survives the process.

I guess the jury is still somewhat out at this writing. It IS possible, albeit a waning possibility.
I wouldn't be all THAT horrified if she became president.
After eight years with Bill, this country was in pretty damn good shape. And you KNOW that if Hillary got the job, Bill would be right there...of course.
As Sumshee has been saying for years, it never was Bill, it was Billary.
And if Billary did a good job before, why not again?
I would even vote to pass legislation to enable Bill to get all the hallway blowjobs he wants and whatever THE MRS. wants....service the lady.
If they can run the country, fine.
I just always kinda feel a little nervous seeing anyone of the old guard in there.

I HAVE been a bit anxious for years to see a woman in the White House. I really DO think that, overall, women have more smarts than men in the ultimately-more-important ways.
But Hillary faded a bit on my radar when I heard her baring her bitch claws on Obama with a comment she made. She wanted to make the "point" that Obama might not have the nuts to make the right decisions "under fire"...the right decisions in foreign policy. He might not have the nads necessary for potentially having to kill masses of people...if necessary, because of his lack of experience around such matters. She wanted us to know of these shortcomings. So, alluding to Obama's lack of support of The War since the beginning of it and referencing a speech by him to that effect in 2000, she said,
"Well, Senator McCain brings (such and such) to the table and I bring (such and such) to the table and Barack Obama brings...a speech he made in 2000".
I don't remember the exact declarations in those such-and-suches, but that's the gist off it.
The lady lost me on that.
Have you ever heard a cat go into a fight?

Maybe Barack will surprise me and be total establishment...a warmongerer...a greedy bastard, lying through his teeth, all the time telling us that everything is fine and the way it needs to be and we are better off...while fukking us deeper by the moment...
The American people AREN'T very smart, en masse. They will fall for anything.

But if he can make it in, I DON'T think he will disappoint us.

There ya go, Sumshee.


( Number Two )
by Ignores Boundaries

I am so happy to find what kind of emails have been coming in since last weeks little thing that I wrote for Sumshee. She said that probably 25% of her address book responded back. What is that in head-count, Sumshee?....3....4?
No, really! There was a pretty good response, considering the whole crazy idea was thrown together at the last minute. And no one has ever heard of me except Sumshee and those two fags who used to try to see how many times each night they could go in and out of the door during After Hours at Sumshee's place downtown. It was like they were gonna get a BJ for every hinge they wore out. Go outside...pose....go back in...pose....go outside....pose....
I talked to them and Sumshee more than anyone else down there. They actually would listen to 15-20 whole words in a row before hittin' that fukkin' door again. I felt quite accomplished. No one ELSE ever got them to sit a CHAIR, I mean, not a lap. They sure did buy a lot, though...nothing but water. Not even coffee or espresso. I don't think I would WANT to see them with caffein in their scrawny little bodies. Water seemed to keep them rather keyed up. Downright nerved out, they were. And talk about wide awake! No coffee for those boys! It wasn't necessary. I guess they were like that naturally.

I wasn't going to write another piece until after the new year, maybe the first of February when I get back from down south. I'm goin' to see some family in El Paso. (Did you know that it's OK to swallow prune pits in El Paso?)
Well, I thought that considering what is about to hit the economy, maybe I should pass out some of my famous-from-border-to-border sage advice.
Sumshee and I were talking about this depression that is about to hit the United States.
Everyone knows that it is coming.
Many folks say that it's already here.
It has to do with how much money is being spent and how much money is being made and what kind of things there are to be ABLE to buy.
At least, that's how it seems to me.
This depression is almost on us now. It hits SOME people long before it hits others. It depends on how much money you have. When you see that your money isn't gonna go far enough to hold you over...that's depression settin' in.
And it's ONE main reason why I am gettin' the f*** outa town...NOW...before it gets any worse....'cause I DON'T like being depressed. And when everyone starts that bullshit crap of making you feel guilty for not gettin' them something for f***ing Christmas when THEY got YOU something ...but, "Oh, that's's nothing....just a little token....a wasn't necessary for you to get ME something...I just though that you might like this..."
THAT'S when the great depression sets in.
I ain't talking about stock markets and The Fukkin' Federal Reserve and fukkin' Ben Bernanke.
I'm talking about the REAL DEPRESSION ....Christmas!

Yeahhh...start in on me, now. "Scrooge...Killjoy...DAMN HERETIC!!!"
Let's TALK heresy. You wanna talk heresy? Do you really know what a heretic IS?
A heretic is anyone who goes outside the overall, current norm of WHAT IS ACCEPTED AT ANY GIVEN TIME by those who claim to be among (usually) a religious order.
THAT means that in ALL religions, there have always been heretics. Whatever WAS the norm and the accepted, WAS the Holy. Anything deviating FROM that norm is/was heresy.
SO, it's kinda relative isn't it?...'cause at one time, there was no Christianity. Christians came from the Jews. The Christians were the dudes that came up with this idea that God, whatever He...or SHE...was, sent down an emissary on his/her behalf to tell everyone what to do to "get in good with God".
So, Christians were a buncha freakin' heretics. And now, ANYONE within the Christian faith , who bends or twists or adds ideas to the mix...anyone who changes the chants or rituals or such that a group of worshippers over in that building, over there, are agreed on...anyone who goes against their any given point in time and history... HERETIC!!!
The Pope is a doggone heretic. He sits in Rome, overseeing a vast empire of money, real estate and popular control, claiming that he is spreading the word of God, the way god WANTS him to, with all the moves and lyrics to make a great Broadway play. Well, all that is heresy...according to the past...the ORIGINAL preachers. They all had fukkin DAY JOBS. They would go and stand on a rock so that everyone could hear them better and spread the gospel. No one bought them wagons and houses and Empires.
They worked like everyone else. Carpenters, masons, cooks...whatever. They passed on to the people what they thought was the truth because...well, they thought it was the truth: reality.
And THEY were heretics to the Jews.
And the Jews were heretics to someone before them.


The following is according to Retired Bishop John Shelby Spong of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark.
I found this quite interesting. He told me that the Christian Creed was adopted in the fourth century... at a convention?
A buncha church dudes got together and went off to some other town to party ...and while they were there, they decided to lay down the rules and definitions of their religion. But they decided to do this AFTER the religion had been around for some 300-400 years.
And The Virgin Birth! There was no mention of it at all in the writings of Paul between 50 and 64. Wasn't that supposed to be the whole hoopla as to why shepherds waggled their staffs in amazement, wise men came a runnin' and little boys drummed their drums?
And the main dude who was documenting this stuff just happened to fail to mention it until some 15-20 years AFTER their Virgin-born Saviour was DEAD?
"HUH?", again.
Gotta manger in your yard?

OK, if anyone can come up with something proving me (rather, John Spong) wrong, bring it on.
Spong has been a scholar on this topic for a few years now. Why would he potentially discredit himself by coming up with a buncha hooey?
Of course, if you DO claim his word to be hooey, YOU will be a heretic... HIM.

Does it freakin' matter?

Ya know, there are a lot of religions, beliefs and buyers clubs out there in this wide world. In their own little relative way, they are all correct...and on the money...IF they are practicing that Golden Rule thing.

Is it worth running up your credit card to celebrate it?

If that is what makes you feel good, do it.
If you are willing to deal with the finances, do it.
Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. The intentions behind Christmas are laudable. Anything which brings people together is worthwhile.
Just keep it in the right perspective.
And when I ...or someone else... is sounding critical and thoughtful and you think I am JUST being a heretic, a blasphemer...a human...
...remember the Ten Commandments before you come looking for me., change that to FAITH. I don't like the word religion. Faith is supposed to make you feel better, not hateful. It should widen your horizons, not limit your scope.

And if you want to truly believe in THIS century's mode of belief...or this MONTH'S current religious structure...go for it. It's YOUR head...YOUR heart...YOUR bills in January and February.
Big business WANTS you to be religious....REAL freakin' religious. They will LOVE you for it.
Almost as much as Jesus does.

See ya after the storm, Babies!

I was about ready to send this to Sumshee, to put up on the site and my old hippie girlfriend, Wanda Freeley came sauntering into the room, read my stuff and said,
"...but Sumshee said, on the webpage, that your next piece was gonna talk about how advertisers are trying to find new ways to get you to buy things.".
Now, Wanda is pretty smart. So I listen when she points out something like that.
( Of course, it helped to get my attention when she flicked the back of my head with the back of her hand )

I guess I COULD have been a little more pointed about that topic.
Advertisers are scufflin' real hard, all the time to get you to buy shit you don't make you think that you need it and they stoop to all sorts of low levels to do that. Some tactics are more casual. Some tactics are pretty callous. They will imply that you don't love your children if you don't buy this product. You are not only going to be more beautiful with the use of their product, you are way LESS than beautiful and you NEED their product to merely compete in the meat market.

They tell you that they are doing it for you...THAT'S why they are in business...for you.
BULL! The ONLY reason they are in business is for profit. Now, that is...sorta OK, but...
Hell, this is a whole 'nuther topic, deserving of another time and space. Just 'cause Sumshee shot off her mouth telling folks that that was what I was gonna talk about....
Let's wrap this up and get to the point about The X-Day.

Do you really think that Jesus-The-Person, as he is depicted, ever wanted you to bust ass to buy a store-bought present for every friggin' person that you celebrate his life?
The whole idea of it all came from the deal with those folks who supposedly came to see this magical, supposedly virgin-born saviour of mankind. They came bearing gifts to honor him. But, they brought common shit that they already had hangin' around...a buncha spices and good-smellin' stuff. I know that Wal-Mart is open all night but somehow, I don't think these dudes rode their camels to the nearest major interstate off-ramp to go shopping for frankincense and myhr. They (supposedly) gave up something they already had on the back shelf at home...something that had a personal importance and worth to THEM. That's WHY they had it on a back shelf at home to begin with.
They gave of themselves.
So, if you want to give a gift to all those people in your family and at work and who are coming to a beer blast at your house this holiday season, don't run out to the stores and run up your credit card. Just start grabbin' up things around the house: that new DVD player, the new soup pot, some artwork hanging on your wall... your car!
Give them THAT stuff. Now THAT would symbolize how deeply you feel about things.
Got a manger in your yard?
(OK Wanda. Feel better now?)

Oh, I ain't gone yet. I just called Sumshee and said that I was emailing all this over to her. We got to talking...again...and I was reminded of something she wrote a buncha years back. It blew me away when I read it last summer. I guess you could say it "sums up" a lot of things mentioned here.
So, I want to include it as a finale to my stuff. Hell, I don't mind sharin' the billing.

Oh...that's right...this is HER webpage...right.



Religions are a noble thought!
Though they try, they just are not
complete in what they do begin:
asking what is God and sin.
The problems that do seem to be
are in the vast complexity
of trying to convince this man
to do the very best he can.
Tablets, scrolls and manuscripts;
no one really knows which fits
the key hole of our universe.
There are so many what is worse,
they all just preach the Golden Rule.
I don't think myself a fool
in need of children's teaching-tales
of burning bushes, gobbling whales
and stories long since stretched far out
beyond the truth and into doubt
with story tellers' flailing arms
and parables all full of charms
of things that simply could not be.
I find it hard to think that "HE"
wanted all this to transpire,
when all we need is to acquire
an understanding of some right,
so that we may sleep at night.


( Number One )
by Ignores Boundaries


Oh, WOW!!!
Sumshee wants ME to write a column? I am honored, to say the least. I mean, how often is someone offered a chance to "speak" to ...what?...10-12 people?
What's the circulation for this web-page? I guess you call it hit-count, actually.

Yeah, I'll put in my two-pesos worth.
I got the announcement about this late last night. NOW, I gotta put out SOMEthing... and I didn't want to wait.
I will now suggest how to strip veneer and gloss-coat for impeccable appearance.

(WOW...this is really happening?...She's gonna let me say what I want?... )
HE...SHE....You people have got me doing this gender mess-up shit in my head.

THERE'S something!... If I am not wrong, I heard something about how this city can make a business hire someone who is queer now...Is that right?
Some sort of "equal" law or something.
I guess that's a good thing. I mean, what difference does it make when you're putting a plate on a table or changing a tire or writing a ticket to a speeder...if you're a guy who sucks dick? Right?
I guess that goes right up the ladder to...DAMN!.... CEO's, ministers, rich people city officials of ALL kinds...right, Jerry?
EVERYone in the city can slide into bed with anyone they want and they can't be fired because of that!
I think it's a good idea. Let's all thank His Honor, The Mayor... and all his city hall buddies who made it all work, so everyone in your city can work. Thank him. I am sure he was doing it for YOU and was being selfless.
I have had a few talks with Sumshee about another related issue. I heard that NOW, some of you folks aren't happy with just that.
Now, some of you are tryin' to get some of those prancy drag queens from Sumshee's and Connections and back alleys in on the gold rush.
Am I gonna have to hold my tongue someday when a lady cop stops me for a traffic ticket and says, "License please" in a voice like Harvey Firestein ?
Might there be more testosterone than estrogen in the YWCA offices someday?
How is this gonna affect beauty pageants?

I guess that's all OK and all...I LIKE the twists and turns of life. I LIKE the back-hand across the net once in a while. It keeps us all on our toes.
I love the whole crisscross thing. It makes life more alive. It seems more fair, but... I mean... if a guy goes girl....and he ...well...just doesn't ....well, CUT IT....well, SHOULD a business ...and a classroom full of first-graders... HAVE to accept that? ....REALLY?! THIS country? Folks!, Your country is too fukking immature to handle it. You ain't ready for it. Your KIDS could handle it. But not if the adults are more childish than the kids.

I QUESTION this concept! I am NOT...I repeat, I am NOT... against the idea.
But your country is NOT ready to handle it.
THAT is the question I raise.
The validity of a move like this IN THIS COUNTRY ... at this TIME!? .....NO!!!!
YOU, as a country... CAN'T...... HANDLE IT!

And THAT is what could fuck up your kids (and other juveniles, in adult bodies), because since YOU aren't ready to handle it. The KIDS, therefore can't possibly be primed for it yet.
Sumshee was wrong about me, in a way.
She said that I had lived in Berlin. THAT is right, but I spent a bunch of time in Paris and London, too.
There are people of all kinds in all places, but the climate in Europe is way ahead of America regarding sex. The attitude is more like, "Well, some people like this way....some people like that way....yeah, so?".
As Sumshee says, it should be a non-issue. And sexual variance isn't ENOUGH of a non-issue HERE...YET.
A house can only be built so fast. THIS bull ain't ready to go into the ring.
Too many people would be damaged. Hell, there is still a lot of question about the don't-ask-don't-tell gay thing in the's still too new. Get over that hill first. The two issues are close but are not on the same exact level.
Let the market decide for now. Don't try to legalize and enforce something like this and expect to have it go statewide and/or national.
I would love to see that happen, but you ain't ready.
Grow up first...then your kids can, too.


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