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It's not far away!
It's coming!
Take you heart in-hand and offer it to an Old Love,
a New Love
or slap that heart onto your sleeve,
hoping that some adoring passerby will also be looking for aventure d'amour.

As Valentine's Day was 'rounding the corner,
I happened to be reminiscing musically with a copy of a 1968 record album,
Cruisin' With Reuben and The Jets.
("Fountain Of Love" from that album, should be playing for you right now)
Created by Wild Man and Musical Genius Frank Zappa,
it was a spoof of sorts; a satirical body of music which is,
stylistically, a jaunt through Doo-Wop music of The Fifties.
Despite being an avid fan of Frank Zappa and a lover of "Reuben and The Jets",
when I read the wikipedia article I had a lot of "no kidding?" moments regarding that classic album.

If you have never heard any of it, shame on you.
Regardless of the fact that it was a parody,
it stands alone quite well as a fantastic tribute to
Young Love,
Teenage Love,
Lost love,
Heartbreak Love,
Breakups, etc.
It is as brilliant as it is funny; musically astounding.

With OR without Reuben Sano and his Jets, go fall in Love; it's the best way to Live!



Warm comfort, consuming my soul,
burning doubts from my whole existence.
Worries begin to vacate my mind,
making way for you.

Deep excitement guides my stride,
explaining my trek through life;
placing each step with confident surety,
making way for you.


Thoughts to tell you,
so many words to say
of my honest want
for you each day
and night.

I ride my heart,
an emotional kite,
which begs me to soar
beyond myself
to the high of you,

Your presence,
the essence
of my thoughts,
controls my mind and body.
My being has never known
a dependence
such as you.

I never sought you.
In ways I fought you.
I feel a slave,
by my own choice,
loving you;
Loving you
I desire you.


I try to breathe at a steady rate,
attempt to think my problems out.
My mind's screwed up; can't think straight.
My feet move me aimlessly about.

Each second apart is wasted time;
moments we've only one chance to live.
Without you, my life lacks everything.
Without you, I simply have nothing to give.

My Love! My Life! You're so much me.
My body aches to feel your sun.
Your presence gives me something to be;
together we are really one need of holding our flesh so close, need of searching each other's eyes.
Your body's mine to feel as mine.
Your gaze, to me, holds more than the skies.

I want you, I need you, I love you.
Words can never explain
how your life has become a part of me;
a part as important as mine.

I am tripped.
I cry,
whirrin' free of time,
reaching the essence of self and souls mingled.
My head tingled and told my heart
one part it never saw
in the play
of the day passed.
I am gassed.


funny things,
When they're here,
they're dominating
wicked mistresses,
riding crops and all.
When they're gone,
they're the righteous
and sinless grandmother
who clarifies the follies of life.
Today, a mistress...
tomorrow aged.


You flung your heart and part
to jam my door,
leave no more.
More me than before.
But also, someone else;
A new mind.
A new world.
Another person
living in-house,
in place of me.
Multiplication of facets
times units of self,
soul and body.


Fresh wind blowing,
shifting sand from my path,
scattering clouds
like smoke in a breeze,
clearing my vision
with a mere breath of my name.
Call to me, my mind love.
Thrill the universe
with your energy of loving me.
Throb the planets
with the beat of your heart.
Rush the blood fast
through my every vein,
with a single glance my way.


The stillness of a perfect night
is coarse and deafening
without your pacific
soul to sooth it.

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